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He earned himself the nickname “Shrek” because, as ESPN explained in 2011, Rami “eats voraciously and has been known, just occasionally, to belch.

Loudly.”What Anderson’s budding relationship with Rami means for her other rumored love interest, Julian Assange, remains unclear.

Assange lives at the London Equatorial Embassy for nearly five years, asking for asylum, fearing he will be extradited to Sweden and arrested for a series of accusations that he has denied with every single occasion.

"And it appears I went too far once again with my culinary neglect towards Peter as I served him the leftovers of the kids' meal.

Last week, Pamela was spotted by the paparazzi while she was enjoying a romantic dinner in Nice with France’s defender Adil Rami.

Rami is 20 years younger than her but the former Playboy cover girl doesn’t seem to be bothered by the massive age gap.

Gillian Anderson The twice-divorced actress has reportedly found love again with 53-year-old Oscar-nominated screenwriter, whose credits include 'The Queen' and 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy'.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, Gillian, 48, attended a Netflix party to celebrate Peter's new series 'The Crown' earlier this week and told attendees that they are in a relationship.

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