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After the ' Drew Crew' finds out where they live, they suddenly want to hang out with the twins.

London needs to higher her grades so Moseby hires Maddie to tutor her.

However, according to the television advertisements for the event, the characters in each show wished upon the same shooting star (apparently all simultaneously, simply in different parts of the country).

This serves as a loose plot line connecting all three shows, as the characters must deal with the consequences of their granted wishes.

On Saturday, July 14, the special was broadcast for an encore, with Super Twins airing at PM EDT, Gone Wishin at PM EDT, When You Wish You Were the Star at PM EDT, and three Hannah Montana episodes airing after.

Dating since late last year, Camilla has recently been seen spending some hold handing and hotel room time with tennis player, Fernando.

The pair were caught a few days ago going for a ride in Joe’s box car…interesting.

You may know Meaghan Jette Martin from her unforgettable turn in Camp Rock, but how could you forget her starring role in the 2011 ABC Family Original Movie, Mean Girls 2? Jennifer Stone has a boyfriend, and she's not hiding it any longer!

The event was made up of one episode from each Cory in the House, Hannah Montana, and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, in a similar fashion to that of That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana.

However, unlike its predecessor, there was no crossover between the three shows.

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