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At least one tweet bore the hashtag #Charlottesville.

Others called Joel “a true hero,” and his decision to wear the star “Epic and brave.” One tweet read: “So dope seeing Billy Joel live and seeing him take a stand to the hate in our country. The fact that Muslim immigrants in the US tend to be anti-semitic? ” The tweet was in response to another that said, “Ok, so Billy Joel has lost his mind.” Joel’s parents are Jewish but he was not brought up with the faith.

Human beings are naturally hard-wired to favor encounters and exchanges with like-minded people.

This website is proof positive of that inclination and it makes sense.

Join us for a panel with Rachta Lin, Daniel Presedo, and Nikolai Svakhin, as well as other artists and illustrators at Adobe HQ as they demonstrate their creative work flow and illustrate live.

After the panel, mingle with the panelists during a social hour while enjoying food, beverages, and a rotating digital gallery with work submitted by you!

Unfortunately, as we reached our 40s, our career growth leveled out. Ros Altmann, who found that women’s careers tend to grind to a halt in their mid-40s.In every decade of our lives, we have challenged the status quo and lived life on our own terms.Some have accused us of being selfish for exactly this reason.Billy Joel wore a yellow Star of David on his sports jacket during the encore of his monthly concert at Madison Square Garden.Photos of the legendary singer wearing the star began appearing on Facebook shortly after his performance Monday night.

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