Free web chat rooms sound

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Send instant messages to anyone in the room, or 'whisper' to them in the room.

See when people join or leave the room or place a 'time stamp' on incoming text.

• •The nickname, chat room, and the On / Off setting for beep sound are saved in cookies (for one day), so, to the next visit they will be read and used from cookie.

• Your host must support OOP technology @atb first you have to register at me's site then the download will be available at the following url ...

Rumble Talk's free service will allow you to host up to 25 people in your chat room at one time.

If you would like to expand the number of users you can have in your chat, premium Rumble Talk accounts are available.

Anyhow, let’s check out the scripts below: An awesome PHP, My SQL, and Java Script based fully customizable web chat script which can also be integrated easily with such common forums like My BB, php BB, SMF, Pun BB and v Bulletin.

To boost the performance of the AJAX Chat script Ruby script is used to work clearly on socket connection.

The user can add smiles in chat, and can format the text with Bold, Italic, an Underline.

For example, your administrator may create a themed chat room such as "Foreign Exchange Rates", where you can join this room to discuss the foreign currency exchange rates and view all previous messages sent to the room since its creation.

You can browse all rooms by viewing a list of room names, join open rooms, or be added to a room by an administrator. You can filter room content by keywords or senders.

Where you will have a chance to select a chatting script for your own website after reviewing about the pros and cons of a script and will have also a chance to distinguish on the same page which script would be the best to choose for your own website.

Yep, I know how really it’s necessary to have a chat on a website.

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