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Tsai Ing-wen succeeded Ma Ying-jeou on as the first female president in the nation's history.If this method and the other method that modify the map are in synchronized blocks, I don't see why you have to do anything?Benefits of the new approach are that it can be more readable, less error prone.

Its not very obvious though that removing from the key set removes things from the map (i.e.Share your favorite Nigerian Movie on your Profile page, and discuss with other Nigerian Singles about their favorite Nigerian Movies.Nigerian Music are very hot these days, and you're free to share them with other Singles on the Nigeria's best Dating site!The "Chairman of the Nationalist Government," though not given specific presidential powers, took on the functions of a de facto head of state and its official English translation was "President of the National Government of the Republic of China".This form of government under the KMT lasted through the Northern Expedition, which moved the capital to Nanjing and gave the Nationalist Government domestic control and foreign recognition, and the Second Sino-Japanese War, during which the Japanese established puppet Nationalist Governments with almost the identical organizational structure, until the promulgation of a new Constitution in 1947.

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