Traditional dating in chile paula white benny hinn dating

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Contestants have to climb up the pole using only their arms and legs in an attempt to reach the prize. : Throughout the windy months of spring, kite flying is a popular activity all over Chile.

So finish off that last empanada and : To play this game, you stretch a length of white rope across a dirt playing field, hopefully with a somewhat muddy consistency.

The poncho is another traditional element of Chilean huaso style.

Though ponchos are worn all around Latin America, especially in Argentina, Chile and Peru, in Chile locals often wear the , or the huasa dress, which is usually worn for cueca dancing.

Contestants then line up about 33ft (10m) from the rope and begin to throw small metal cylinders, called tejos, into the mud or sand.

The winner is the person whose tejo lands closest to the rope.

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